Safety instruction Snake

This manual is valid for all sizes and powers of the Snake, and also for the Snake kits.

This bow is not a toy.


Information to all users

An improper handling of a bow risk of injury even death if an arrow strikes at a vulnerable place.


Owner of this bow, be sure to follow the terms of use.

For younger archers, make sure that the practice of the activity takes place under the supervision of an adult.

Our bows are not made to be used in extreme weather conditions.

A few words to help you better understand :

  • ANCHOR POINT : mark on the face towards which the archer must bring the string and the arrow before shooting
  • ARM OF THE BOW : This is the arm that holds the handle of the bow
  • ARMING : Action which consists of bringing the rope and the arrow to the face to take aim
  • BAND : distance between the handle and the string when the bow is at rest
  • BEND THE BOW : Action which consists in putting the bow and the string in tension
  • DOLLS : parts of the arch into which the ends of the string fit
  • EXTENSION : distance between the handle of the bow and the string when the bow is drawn
  • HAND OF ROPE : this is the hand that twists on the rope
  • HAND OF BOW : this is the hand that holds the handle of the bow
  • NO GLOW : also know as roller finger, part that combines both notching point and shooting protection, to thread on the rope and to place at the sandstone of your settings
  • RELEASE : Action of releasing the bowstring to propel the arrow

A few important rules for a successful shooting session!

Regarding the shooting area :

  • Require all shooters to stand on the same line (shooting line).
  • Choose an open area with ample space behind the targets. Install a net if necessary. Fix the targets on the ground if necessary.
  • Do not run around the shooting area during the shooting session.
  • Never run with arrows in the quiver.
  • Comply with the following firing plan:

Before shooting : 

  • Always check the condition of your bow, string and arrows.
  • Never use a bow or arrows that show signs of wear such as cracks or breaks.
  • Make sure the rope is in place in the grooves of the dolls.
  • Always wear an arm guard.
  • Place the arrow on the correct side : to the left for a right-hander, to the right for a left-hander.
  • Check the correct positioning of the cog feather and hen feathers.
  • Check that the length of the arrow is correct for your height.
  • Always check your target’s shooting butt for wear before and after each use.
  • All shooting butts wear out over time and eventually stop working.
  • Replace your target’s shooting butt if the surface is worn or damaged.
  • Make sure you ALWAYS know the local laws and regulation.

To notch your arrow :

Place your arrow either:

  • perpendicular to your rope,
  • between the nock sets
  • in the intended location of the no-glov.

During shooting :

  • Make sure you always be sure of your target and beyond it.
  • Always wear safety glasses with any type of archery.
  • Never shoot without an arrow, it could damage your bow and cause injury.
  • Never shoot vertically and in the direction of people, animals, roads or homes.
  • Never use arrows that are underweight. This will have the same effect as empty firing and may cause serious injury.
  • Never bend your bow beyond its maximum draw, as this could damage the limbs and string.
  • Always inspect your arrows and notches regularly. Damaged arrows and notches can cause serious injury. Any damaged, split or cracked arrow must be immediately discarded.
  • ALWAYS inspect your bow after each use.
  • Inspect your rope for any signs of wear or deterioration.

After shooting :

  • Check the condition of your bow after each shooting session
  • Check the condition of your accessories also after each shooting session
  • Do not leave your bow exposed to strong heat
  • Remember to place your bow in the rest position
  • Check the state of wear of your target’s shooting butt


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