Rolan Cambium, the perfect compound bow for family fun archery, clubs and camps!


Constant draw force cam from 0 to 31’’
Everyone can shoot the same bow.
A unique limb’s design that ensure speed, stability and cam’s protection.
Can be shoot either release or fingers.
Very easy maintenance, no bow press required.
Two years limited warranty


   Made in France


• Adjustable draw weight from 21 to 24# (3 turns off maxi)
• Constant draw force cam from 0 to 31’’ draw weight
• 35.6’’ axle to axle
• FPS : 245 fps 24#@ 31’’(340 grains arrow)
• Powered by Stringflex SK75 Dyneema strings
• Brace height : 7 ¼”
• Mass weight : 3.0 lbs
Available in four colours, RH and LH
Cambium bow bag
Ultimate protection!
Suitable stylish design
Lightweight 600D polyester body
Expanded foam padding reinforced
Easy fastening, Velcro straps and push buttoms
Arrows front pocket and back pocket for accessories
Detachable shoulder strap and carry on handle